Margot Robbie revealed the existence of a 20-hour version of "Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood"

Variety interviewed Robbie about the film "Hope Girl," produced with her company LuckyChap Entertainment.

Suddenly in the conversation, Robbie let slip the existence of a 20-hour montage of the film "Once Upon a Time ... Hollywood."

In the interview, the actress talked about her manic love of director's edits and joked that she would love to see 5-hour versions of all the movies she has starred in. Although the conversation was primarily about David Eyre's "Suicide Squad," Robbie took the discussion in the direction of Quentin Tarantino's film.

"There is a 20-hour version of 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood," which has so much that you haven't seen. Everything we shot was weird, and for a million obvious reasons, you won't see it," Robbie says.