Jennifer Lopez showed herself without makeup and filters

Jennifer Lopez does not look her age at all. 

The 51-year-old beauty can be given a dozen years less than the actual number in the passport. Luxury J. Lo has fancy hair, evening makeup, and expensive outfit and without makeup, with messy hair and pajamas.

On her personal Instagram account, the timeless American actress posted new selfies. In the picture, the actress appeared entirely without clothes, sitting in a full bath of foam. Jennifer Lopez's hair was gathered in a messy bun, and on her face, there is not a single amount of makeup, just a thin stripe of mascara on the lower eyelid.

All attention is attracted by the state of the star's skin: its exact shade, natural blush, narrow pores, absence of deep wrinkles, and blemishes. J.Lo keeps a close eye on what she eats, which, of course, impacts her appearance. She drinks a lot and exercises a lot, and she refuses to eat junk food.