Arnold Schwarzenegger lost a close friend

Actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger shared the sad news with fans - his close friend, idol, and mentor Dave Draper passed away.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote this on his Instagram account.

"Dave Draper has been an inspiration to millions of people around the world, including me. He was one of my idols. In Austria, the cover of Muscle Builder magazine with his picture hanging on the wall above my bed for motivation, and when I saw him starring in Don't Make Waves, I thought, "My dreams are possible." When I came to America and finally met Dave, I learned that his heart was as big as his pecs. He even hand-assembled my first furniture when I moved to Santa Monica, and I must say he was talented. Can you imagine meeting your idol, becoming his training partner, and traveling the world together? I was over the moon. He was a very welcoming and fantastic workout partner who always inspired everyone in the gym to get better. He was an amazing writer and a wonderful family man. I will miss Blond Bomber (Draper's nickname - editor's note), but his memory will always be with me. My thoughts are with his family," Schwarzenegger expressed his sorrow.