Uma Thurman's daughter spoke candidly about the rare disease

22-year-old Maya Hawke admitted that she has dyslexia, but the actress is not upset.

Uma Thurman's daughter is having a successful career in Hollywood. The actress first spoke about her disease - dyslexia.

Due to the violation of the ability to master reading and writing skills, the girl was bullied by classmates in a regular school. Hawk found it unbearably difficult to realize that she was lagging behind her peers in development.

"I was bullied. As a result, my parents sent me to a specialized school for children with disabilities. I am very grateful to my mother and father for how they motivated and encouraged my interest in creativity," Maya admitted.

Despite the difficulties, the actress does not perceive the disease as a disadvantage. Hawke, on the other hand, believes that she is lucky because she has the opportunity to look at the world differently.