Pregnant supermodel Gigi Hadid declassified her term

25-year-old American supermodel Gigi Hadid is expecting her first child.

The star of the pestilent catwalks, Gigi Hadid, carefully concealed her exciting position in the first months of pregnancy. Hadid recently officially confirmed her pregnancy and shared her first tummy shots.

Today, the top model showed several vivid images of a glamorous photoshoot, which her photographer friends arranged for the future mother. Gigi appeared in a light crop top and jeans. She unzipped her and showed off her noticeably rounded tummy.

The girl got bright smoky easy makeup. Her blonde curls were combed back with a wet look. The star's image was completed with gold jewelry - hoop earrings, several chains, and a bracelet. One of the highest-paid models in the world has declassified the pregnancy period in which she is. "33 weeks," Hadid said succinctly.