Naomi Campbell follows a strict diet

British supermodel Naomi Campbell impresses even young girls with her slender figure, because at the age of 50, the celebrity looks just divine, and this is her main secret.

The star chef, Sean John, said in an interview that Campbell is on a strict diet.

It turns out that the beauty adheres to vegetarianism, or more precisely - Rastafarianism. It is a popular diet in Jamaica, and its main rule is to avoid meat and salt.

According to Naomi herself, she never uses food delivery services, because she likes to choose products on her own. She carefully reads their composition and makes sure that they are fresh.

According to the model's chef, she does not eat dairy products, products with gluten, sugar, as well as smoked, fried, and too salty. However, she loves fragrant herbs and spices in dishes.

Campbell prefers organic foods and loves fruit. Among her favorites are lemon, peach, pear, and grape.