Model Ashley Graham told how she had a son at home (VIDEO)

Ashley Graham, one of the most famous plus-size models last month, became a mom for the first time last month and decided to share details of her home birth with subscribers.

The star posted a video explaining her emotions. A baby decided to give birth to a baby in Brooklyn, under the care of a midwife and a nurse.

Ashley said the childbirth took place in water, and she survived the entire process without the use of anesthesia. The contractions began early in the morning, but it did not prevent the stars from having full breakfast and, according to the daily schedule, to do yoga.
Model husband, Justin Ervin, has admitted that he admires his wife, her patience, resilience, and athletic discipline. The celebrity noted that she did not regret having the birth at home because she would have been more nervous at the hospital, and her home environment had helped her to relax.