Jessica Simpson met the woman who raped her as a child

The 40-year-old artist said that about eight years ago, she saw her abuser and talked to her about what had happened.

In her autobiography, Open Book, Jessica Simpson revealed her biggest childhood nightmare - she was raped.

"I once shared a bed with the daughter of a family friend. She started tickling my back, and then she started doing unpleasant things. I froze with fear, and it seemed to me that it was my fault. But in fact, I was a victim," Jessica wrote about this event.

It turned out that Simpson stood up for herself in front of this person and resolved the issue. It happened about eight years ago.

"I went to her and said:" I know: you know what was happening then, and I know that you were a victim. "She was raped by a guy. He was also in the house, but he never touched me. He mocked her, and she came to me and did these things to me. I felt sorry for her to some extent, and I allowed her to do it," Jessica admitted.