Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend

Lady Gaga is the real star of the tabloids of recent months.

Since rumors about her relationship with ex-lover Irina Shayk appeared on the network, the identity of the singer has become the most discussed and condemned. So, fans of the model declared a real war to Lady Gaga, filling her Instagram page with threatening comments. The Russians could not accept the fact that the famous singer stole from their favorite man. They arranged rolls, sent curses, and insults. But it seems it's time to apologize.

The other day, Lady Gaga "caught" on a romantic date with her boyfriend. And this is not Bradley Cooper. The singer appeared in the California cafe Granville in the company of a nice

guy. As it was later found out, the sound technician Daniel Horton. The fact that young people have feelings for each other says the photo, in which Gaga gently kisses her boyfriend. Eyewitnesses also said that Gaga and Daniel were sitting next to each other and were not just like friends. Moreover, some insiders said that they had been noticed more than once together.

As with the previous boyfriend, whom the singer was going to marry - her agent, Christian Carino, they have initially linked working relations with Horton Gaga. Young people met last fall, shortly before breaking up with Carino.