Sex scandal deprived the actor James Franco's 'Oscar'

James Franco: Look, in my life I'm proud to take responsibility for what I did. ... If I did something wrong, I will correct it - I must.

One of the main contenders for the "Oscar" James Franco dropped out of the race because of a heated sex scandal, January 23, People reports. James Franco received the Golden Globe for Best Actor in the film "Woe to the Creator," in which he directed and simultaneously starred. The "Choice of Film Critics" prize also went to James.

Therefore, there were all grounds to consider him the main competitor at the most prestigious Oscar Awards. However, the organizers deleted the actor from the contenders, leaving only the film in the nomination "Best Adapted Screenplay". According to People, this decision was made because of accusations against Franco in sexual harassment. After the ceremony of awarding the Golden Globe, five women publicly accused the actor of unacceptable behavior. A big indignation was caused by a pin with an inscription symbolizing the struggle against violence "Time's Up". According to one of the women, James enjoyed his position as a teacher in the acting school. The lawyer denies all charges against the Hollywood actor.