Chris Hemsworth's Son Felt More Embarrassed Than Hurt When He Fractured His Femur

Chris Hemsworth's tough-guy skills have been passed to his kids. 

The actor shared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that one of his twins fractured his femur while riding in a gold cart with him, Elsa Pataky (his mother), his sister and brother. 

Chris saw the boy sitting in the backseat. Then he found out they were driving along. The boy leaped out the side of the golf cart while it was not moving. The 34-year-old boy told his son was half crying and sulking, but he felt more embarrassed that he did not stick the landing. 

The nurse told it was not broken, but asked to take the boy away. Hemsworth called his little one “a beefy little kid”. 
After the X-ray results came in, it was found out that there is a really bad fracture through the boy’s femur. It was close to breaking all the way through!