Skincare Tips from Lea Michele

Lea Michele shared her tips for glowing skin. It appeared that good outlook of skin depends on more factors, not just on the properly chosen goods.

The 29-year-old actress stated that she never wears make-up when she does not have to do it. The Scream Queens star applies just mascara and lip balm in such cases. In such a way her skin receives the needed oxygen.

Moms know what to do. Michele never goes to sleep with her make-up on. She always washes her face before falling asleep. The star is consistent with her products.

Lea takes a good care not only of her face. She respects her whole body. Every day she drinks “a tone of water” and always tries to get enough of night sleep.

The star prides herself that she conducts a healthy lifestyle. She works all the time, but tries to eat as well as possible. Michele goes on hikes, enjoys Californian beach, scenery and food. All this things help her to feel better.