Oscars 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio Got IT and Other Great Moments

Hooray! The biggest night in Hollywood! The thing we have desired came true! Leonardo DiCaprio has finally received his first Oscar! Our congratulations to him!

Te ceremony took place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on February 28. Besides this eye-watering moment, there were other significant ones. Lady Gaga delivered her powerful performance and the host of the ceremony Chris Rock addressed the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

The second-time host referred to the diversity issue and some shade was thrown on Jada Pinket-Smith who boycotted the 88th Academy Awards. Rock joked that Jada may be on a television show. According to Chris, her boycotting the Oscars looks like his boycotting Rihanna’s panties. The audience broke into laughter when the host reminded that the whole “no black nominees thing” has happened at least on 71 other Academy Awards.

Surprisingly, Stacey Dash appeared at the show. We remind you that the star was criticized after commenting the boycott of the BET Awards and Black History month eliminating in January. The Clueless alum wished a “happy Black History Month” jokingly. According to an insider, no one applauded or laughed when she appeared.

Meanwhile Lady Gaga received a standing ovation from the public. She was performing “Till It Happens to You”, her famous hit that was nominated for Best Original Song. The tune was written specially for The Hunting Ground. It tells about the rape in college campuses. Lady Gaga starred as a sexual assault survivor.

We remind you that Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for 6 times! We all are pleased to know that he has finally received his award for the performance in The Revenant. Everybody stood up and Kate Winslet, DiCaprio’s Titanic co-actress happily cheered and energetically clapped while the hero of the day was making his way to the stage. The actor was talking about the problem of global warming and nature preservation during his acceptance speech.