Carrie Fisher's And Harrison Ford's Romance Was Not Love, It Was Infatuation

Carrie Fisher disclosed new things about her secret romance with Harrison Ford, her colleague. This happened on November 29 during The Ellen DeGeneres Show. If somebody does not know, the star has first confessed about this in her new book called The Princess Diarist.

The 60-year-old star and 74-year-old actor were in relationship for 3 months. This was during Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope filming back in 1976. Carrie thinks she was in infatuation as love should be more mature.

The actress has kept their affair in a secret for more than 40 years! Just imagine, no one could figure it out that there was something between the actors.

Fisher also spoke of her feelings while being away from her close ones. At that period of time she was only 19 and nobody told her about location rules. However, filming in a movie allows doing whatever you want, the actress says.