Amanda Peet speaks on Aging

Amanda Peet spoke about aging in Hollywood. And she is terrified with it!

The star admitted that she cares about her looks. She has got a personal trainer, stylist and Barney’s card. The 44-year-old celebrity bleached her teeth, peeled and lasered her face, tried age-fighting creams and dyed her hair. Besides, she asked the director of photography to soften her laugh lines. The actress confesses that she is not aging gracefully.

The mother of three does not want to try fillers despite her wish to look younger. Amanda confesses that she is just scared about it. Having, as she says, “saggy” breasts, the star refuses to get a surgical lift. Peet knows about the possible complications connected with the procedure.

The mother of three is wife to David Benioff, the showrunner of Game Of Thrones. The actress is also scared of her daughters going to college. She is scared that they can take Feminist Texts and Theory. This might lead them to unshaved legs and armpits. The celebrity jokes that they will not come home for Thanksgiving. And the reason will be that their mother is “a foot soldier for beauty industrial complex.”