Terrified Kiefer Sutherland Hit a New Top Gear Record

Kiefer Sutherland achieved a new target time for his friend’s stars while racing a vehicle around a track specially for a famous British TV show Top Gear and confessed that the whole thing made him terrify.

The 24-year-old star took part in the vehicle operation show in a Reasonably Priced Car section. His lap, drenched by rain, set a new record which was broadcasted in Great Britain this Sunday. He made his circuit of the track in only one minute, 49.2 seconds. It was fractions faster than a famous singer James Blunt. This means that Sutherland is at the top of the speed list for wet laps. Though, the star admitted that he was thinking about taking part while The Stig, Top Gear’s resident expert in races, was driven him around the course.

Jeremy Jackson, the host, was told by Sutherland that it was an incredible experience. It appeared that he has been watching Top Gear for years and has been laughing at drivers at the wheel of this car. However, the star wished he has never made fun of anybody at the wheel of this car while The Stig was driving him. Sutherland confessed that the ride scared the c**p out of him.