Survey states that Clint Eastwood would bested Donald Trump if he wanted to become a President

Ronald Reagan has already had a wish to become a president. Now Donald Trump is also into it. Though, it looks like Americans would not vote for him if other celebrities were competing for this post.

Harris Poll have made a survey and came to the conclusion that Americans would better give their votes for Clint Eastwood than for the former Celebrity Apprentice boss. 2,039 adult people were asked if they would give their vote for the Oscar-holding director or for the 69-year-old business big pot. 72% of them answered that they would prefer Eastwood as their president while only 28% saw Trump as the head of their country.

The Gran Torino celebrity has criticized Barack Obama. The 85-year-old star has some practical experience, by the way. From 1986 to 1988 he was the major of Carmel (California). As to Trump, he has not held any political office.

Harris Poll questioned not only these two celebrities in its poll. Jeb Bush and George Clooney were put in the list too. 43% of the survey’s participants voted for the younger brother of George W. Bush, the former president, while 57% chose the Tomorrowland star. 45% have given their sympathies to Oprah Winfrey and 55% wanted Hillary Clinton to be their president. Besides, comedian Jerry Seinfeld earned 46% and Bernie Sanders bested him with 54%. Ted Cruz has got 41% while Ben Affleck scored 59%.