Simon Konecki and Son Angelo Keep Adele All Right

Adele shared with 60 Minutes Australia that parting with her long-time boyfriend would be just like the best love stories (”forever and after”). This happened on Sunday.

Usually Adele is tight-lipped about private things. Now she spoke up about Simon Konecki, her boyfriend. The couple is married for four years and has a son, Angelo.

Gifted singers cannot resist reflecting their life in their songs. According to Adele, Konecki is present is a few songs.
The songstress considers their relationship to be amazing as Simon is always there for her. Konecki is loyal and he made her write, because she has got his love.

Adele realizes that this sounds like a Hollywood film. Though, she assures that she is all right only thankfully to Simon and Angelo.

The show’s host asked if their story is the “ultimate love story”. Adele agreed with a smile on her face.