Moses Paltrow is Nutty about Old Navy, so Gwyneth Paltrow told about her Goop-Approved Results

Son of a famous admirer of $1,000 hip-hop clutches Gwyneth Paltrow chooses more practical things. In other words, he simply likes Old Navy.

The 9-year-old Moses is also son to Chris Martin, her ex-husband. One of the latest Goop newsletters revealed that the boy is nutty about the affordable clothing company. Paltrow revealed that her son is currently the inspiration for the concept. Moses loves Old Navy. Shirts and bathing suits are his favourite. The boy owns a white polo shirt from the brand. There is a “tie” on it. His mom says that Moses wears it all the time.

The boy’s swimsuit style could be seen during a recent vacation of the family. You can see it in his mother’s Instagram photos from Mexico. Moses wants to continue buying clothes from his favourite store. He often asks if Old Navy is sold in the Goop store.

It looks like Paltrow has finally heard her son. Goop and Old Navy worked together for their recent issue. Gwyneth revealed that they have come to the conclusion that something different should be done this week. So, they made a tight edit of Old Navy for back-to-school shopping. The star was pleasantly surprised to find some cool pieces of clothes at extremely low price.