Ice Cube will play Ebenezer Scrooge in the Upcoming Humbug

Everybody has seen Ice Cube’s change from a gangster rapper to an actor tuned on rap in gangster roles. After that he became a family-friendly star in such films as Are We There Yet?, Barbershop and Ride Along.

Deadline has stated that O’Shea Jackson (or Ice Cube) is going to perform Ebeneser Scrooge in reboot of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It may be strange to reboot a classic, but it is worth doing it.

Ice Cube is going to team up with directing partner Tim Story for the shooting. The film is called Humbug. Actually, these stars have already cooperated in Ride Along and Barbershop. Besides, they were noticed in the coming-soon sequel of Ride Along. Cube will be performing a true estate mogul. He will be visited by ghosts. The ghosts will teach the mogul how important Christmas is.

Though it does not have common things with Boyz n the Hood, his early piece of work, we know that 20 years have passed and now the star has his own kids. It is understandable why he moved on to more populist films.
The new film will start with a ten-figure payday.