Holiday Plans of Chris Hemsworth's Family

Chris Hemsworth seems not to be waiting for a white Christmas. 

It turned out that he wants to catch some R&R somewhere in tropics. The star shared with E! News that he is going to soak in the sun and hit the waves during the holiday. The publication caught Chris at the NYC debut of In the Heart of the Sea.

The celebrity admitted that he is still going to reunite with his family. They are going to go somewhere while they will be spending time on the beach. He might do it in “Costa Rica”.

The 32-year-old hunk from Australia has already escaped to warmer places for holidays. According to him, they used to go camping on the beach every Christmas. That was the way he grew up. It is not strange that the star wants to keep this tradition.

His family grows, as a year ago it was expanded by Tristan and Sasha, the twins. Besides, he is father to 3-year-old India Rose. The actor and Elsa Pataky, his wife, probably have to make a packed itinerary in order to engage their children with something interesting. Having fun together in the sun during a holiday sounds perfect, does not it?

Hemsworth’s daughter asked Santa to bring her a pair of shoes with roller skates inserted in them. Her father admitted that he might get a pair of them for himself as well.