Giuliana Rancic changes Her Hair Again!

Giuliana Ranciuc has changed her hair style last month and she is doing it again! She presented the trifecta in the hair change – colour, bangs and cut. This happened at the Astra Awards red carpet in Australia on Thursday.

The celebrity has shown a new cinnamon shade before the Oscars. The star assured that she will not turn back to blonde and is ready for changes. Rancic shared with PEOPLE that she always knows when it is time to change. Giuliana assures that when she looks in the mirror and is not interested anymore, the time has come. The star had such a feeling not long ago since she stopped being excited when seeing her blond hair in the mirror. Therefore, she received a spicy hue for the Oscars, but then she wished to tone it down. The star shares that she loves beautiful rich shades and that they make her feel exotic and young.

Her new shade is a darker brunette with auburn tint. Besides, she cut an inch or two and received a few short bangs. She appeared with her new hairstyle curled and finished the look with a pinky-coral lipstick.