First Child of Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley

Wuthering Heights did not impact Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley as they presented the growing baby bump of the actress on the red carpet some time earlier at their visiting the Legend premiere in the capital of England. Now the 38- and 33-year-old actors (respectively) welcomed their first child.

The Edge of Tomorrow actress and the Dark Knight actor engaged five years ago. Their marriage was a secret ceremony. It happened at the Chateau de Roussan in the South of France last July.

Three years ago Tom and Charlotte made jokes about their relationship. In an interview with famous magazine Elle Hardy was asked if he has ever punched a woman. The star answered that his fiancée (Charlotte) says that she has to stop him from defending a woman’s honour.

The actor confessed that his love treats him in a different way when he bulks up for a film character. According to Riley, her husband takes up the bigger part of the bed and it is impossible to turn him over while he is snoring.