Bryan Cranston wants to be an 'Original' Marvel Bad Guy

Nobody at Hollywood knows if he can appear in a Marvel Studios film. Daniel Day-Lewis is an exception for now.

We were not very surprised when the former Mr. White expressed a wish to perform the villain in a Marvel film. He told about it in his promotional blitz for drama Trumbo. Though, his wish was expressed under the conditions that do not seem to be advantageous for him to get the part.

The UK publication called Metro printed an interview with Cranston. He performs an “original” character rather than the bad guy lifted in flagship continuity of Marvel Comics. Looking at Marvel’s cinematic history till this time along with realizing that admirers enjoy seeing pre-existing characters instead of original creations more, we think that Cranston’s wish will not come true.

As the actor hopes to play a “nasty” villain, he must know that there is a great number of remarkably nasty Marvel bad guys. They can be played by Bryan.