Alien Will Comeback Return, but What about Ripley?

Neil Blomkamp who is the most prominent for directing the film Elysium along with the future-to-come Chappie shared a secret that he has been appointed to direct a new variant of Alien.

Blomkamp uploaded a foreboding and dark picture of one of the extraterrestrials in a social media with caption saying that he thinks this is officially his next piece of work.

The new film Alien is scheduled to be released after Prometheus 2, a sequel to the 3-year-old film with Charlize Theron. Originally it was a sort of a prequel to the Alien franchise. The new film of this director will be released a few years after Prometheus 2, reveals Variety.

The director was speaking about the film for moths. A rumour that he incorporated franchise celebrity Sigourney Weaver, as Ellen Ripley, into the reboot has appeared. Though, this information has not been approved yet.