Action Movie Try-Out of Dr. Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen

Danish star of the cut NBC show received an offer from Marvel to join the new Dr. Strange film. If the arrangement gets official confirmation, Mikkelsen who obviously gets a kick from expressing the images near to those of medical men on the screen, might get Cumberbatch to co-star.

It is not the first occasion when the cinematic universe tried to engage the feature player in its production. Mike is known to have lost the chance of appearing in the second Thor and was outrun

by Eccleston. One cannot consider this a major defeat, for the former obtained his share of a glory in the role of blood-thirsty gourmand.

No surprise that the potential character will not demand the Danish Hannibal to explore his kind nature, for the planned comic book counterpart is also a prominent antagonist.

PR bosses of Marvel want to keep everything a secret until the final decision. Naturally, Mikkelsen will not get the leading role, but the remaining characters array leaves vast ground for guesses.

Conformed cast to date, apart from the British Sherlock, includes his fellow-countrymen Swinton and an Academy Award winner Ejiofor (talk about British invasion). Thus, the acting threshold is set unexpectedly high for the next action movie release.