Monica Bellucci showed her daughter growing up

Actress Monica Bellucci, who celebrated her 57th birthday at the end of September, showed her 17-year-old daughter Deva by French actor Vincent Cassel.

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel were some of the most beautiful couples of the noughties. The tandem had a daughter Maiden in 2004 and a son Leonie already in 2010. But in 2013, the couple officially divorced, after which Vincent married a young model Tina Kunaki, who had already given birth to his daughter Leonie. 

But Cassel and Bellucci have maintained a warm relationship, and recently the actor congratulated his ex-wife and daughter with a joint photoshoot. Now Monica has decided to show how her daughter herself was photographed for one of the glossies, publishing the photo on Instagram.

In the new photo, Maiden was wearing a chic transparent layered dress. The girl stood against the wall, impressing with her beauty.