Josh Brolin showed a two-year-old daughter

52-year-old Josh Brolin posted a photo of his two-year-old daughter on his Instagram and touchingly confessed his deep feelings to her, congratulating her on her birthday.

Westlin's daughter appeared in the actor's third marriage. In 2016, he married his assistant Katherine. The first marriage and a colleague in the movie shop, Alice Edger, lasted six years and broke up in the 90s. In this marriage, the son Trevor was born, 32 years old, and the daughter Eden, she is 26. By the way, in July 2020, Josh Brolin and his wife announced that they were expecting their second child.


Bean. In 2 years you have transformed this family. With a look. A plethora of them. And when you tilt your hairy head on my cheek, and along with it a barely audible exhale, the ego melts and in a moment trickles mindlessly into the nowhere where it belongs. Your mad looks, happy, surprised, confused, sad fill me with everything a Nobel prize is made of. You are my Medal of Honor, my gold star, my Olympic win. Every day you become us and in your presence we slowly sink into you. A laugh is an earthquake of joy, and your tears lacerate me to the bone. Two years old and your soul shines like you’ve been here a hundreds times before. You have stories that live in your pupils and I will sell out the rest of my days in anticipation of hearing them eventually sculpted through your words and out of your perfectly cherubic face. We are lucky to know you, little girl: Trevor, Eden, the littler one and Mama galore — we love you like a fiery sunset, like the fish that comes to peek at the surface of the water then dives deep into the reveal of an explosively colorful sea that you understand better than any of us. Papa loves you. Happy Birthday.

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