Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at the opening of the store in New York

After a busy weekend, 51-year-old Jennifer Lopez and her 45-year-old fiancé Alex Rodriguez opened the festive shop window of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. 

In public, Lopez, who shone on the Microsoft Theater stage in Los Angeles the day before in a sheer black bodysuit, appeared in a white sweater, brown pants, and matching boots, in a long purple coat. 

She complimented the image with a bag from Dolce & Gabbana and a protective mask. 

According to Rodriguez, the Saks store has always been of particular importance to him. 

'When I was a kid, and I walked past the store with my mom, everything seemed inaccessible to me. But the Saks is the same cult thing as the New York Yankees or the Statue of Liberty, and there is no better time to stay in the world's largest city than now,' he said.