53-year-old Halle Berry showed a photo in a bra

Hollywood actress Halle Berry claims to be quarantine.

53-year-old Hollywood actress Halle Berry posted a gif photo on her Instagram page, which is captured in a bra. She unveiled a post on the occasion of an increase in the number of subscribers to 6 million.

“Wow! 6 million subscribers! You are truly the most inspirational and positive people I have ever wanted,” she wrote.

The actress noted that she is now at home in connection with quarantine.


Well damn… 6 million followers!! Y’all are truly the most inspiring supportive and positive people I could have ever asked for. Feeling all the love while rolling around the house and practicing that #SocialDistancing life... pj’s all day woo hoo!! Shout out to those of us going a little stir crazy and to the parents who just got a lot more on their plate! Joking aside, these are serious times - my heart is with those that are sick and those whose income has been affected - I can only pray that things pick up as quickly as they can. Hoping everyone stays clean, safe and correctly informed! LOVE you guys.

Публикация от Halle Berry (@halleberry)