Not a granny: a 72-year-old Cher in a scandalous jacket on Jimmy Fallon show

Legendary pop singer is a great example to follow. After all, at 72 she looks great.

Cher became a guest of the evening show Jimmy Fallon, where he spoke about his musical - The Cher Show, in which it is about her youth and career.

On the TV show, she chose a stylish bow: a black hussar-style jacket, embroidered with shiny ornaments and threads, black tight-fitting trousers and ankle boots. Her spectacular outfit complemented the red-haired wig with curls and make-up smoky ice.

Cher is 72, but she looks much younger than her age, and that's cool. Not all people can boast such genetics; work on themselves and the ability to look good in any situation.

In addition to the warm conversation, the actress pleased the viewers with her performance. Every public appearance of a Hollywood star is a celebration and an extravaganza of emotions, and the selected outfits are always bright and spectacular.

Recall, the stage images of Cher are always luxurious. At a concert in Melbourne in October last year, the actress appeared in a bold way: in a body with rhinestones and with an extravagant headdress, which Cher put on a pile of red curly hair.