Naomi Campbell spoke about the new love

49-year-old model Naomi Campbell, a world-renowned model after a period of dating, decided to admit that she had found love again and even shared her feelings.

The star said that now her life has become brighter as she is now in a new relationship. And her heart is filled with happiness.

'You don't even know who became my new victim. And it's not the one you know, but my heart is ... my heart is happy," a model shared with reporters.'

Moreover, to find love and open up to him, Naomi first had to work on herself. Namely, to love yourself and feel confident. That's when she saw "the same." But who it is the star never said.

'There is one thing to understand. It took me a while: you must first accept and fall in love with yourself and not seek this love from someone else. And then everything will come. It will happen, really,' Naomi told.