Khloe Kardashian will not marry

In the star reality-family Kardashian-Jenner, another passion inflamed.

Daily Mail informs that the bridegroom of 34-year-old Khloe Kardashian, basketball player Tristan Thompson, was again a hero of a love scandal. And the beauty with whom he got caught this time turned out to be Kylie Jenner’s best girlfriend. This is 21-year-old Jordin Woods.

It is no wonder that enraged Khloe, who has a 10-month-old daughter Tru from Tristan, broke up with him.

According to insider information, Thompson and Woods had an intrigue at a party in the athlete's house a few days ago. When a message of treason appeared on the Web, Thompson wrote 'fake news' on his Twitter, but then deleted the message.