The life of the stellar mother: the insider told how the everyday life of Beyonce

Beyonce and Jay Zee again became parents last summer. The singer gave her husband twins: a boy and a girl.

Approach to the artists, the source said that the star mother completely immersed in motherhood and feels absolutely happy. Beyonce spends all his time with twins. She is very keen mom. Her eldest daughter Blue Ivy helps her in everything. Despite the domestic chores, Beyonce does not forget about creativity.

According to the insider, she is actively preparing for her show and taking dance lessons. Endless dance rehearsals are something that helps her stay in great shape. The star mum does not miss training. The other day she was noticed coming out of the sports club. But Beyoncé does not follow a strict diet. After training, she would like to pamper herself with cupcakes and cakes. The other day the famous singer Beyoncé was seen in the company of her spouse Jay Z in one of the establishments in Hollywood. The meeting of the star couple attracted attention, since they did not appear together for a long time.