Pregnant Hilary Baldwin complained about her husband

The wife of 59-year-old Alec Baldwin, who very soon should give birth to his fourth child, told about the distribution of duties in the family.

As Hilarya confessed, she deals with children from morning till night, and when she tries to persuade her husband to help her, he always reacts in the same way:

"You are a mother, so you must take care of them, and I will come and read a fairy tale for them at night... I understand that we are separated by the age difference of as much as 26 years. So we inevitably have different ideas about the upbringing of children. Alec belongs to the old school, so it's easier for me to get help from my mother. But she is not always free. And after all, it's not easy for me, and I, frankly, are already tired of being pregnant and working with three children at the same time..." - confessed 34-year-old Mrs. Baldwin.

But at the time when they only met, Alec, according to Hilary, was simply obsessed with the desire to have children.