Kim Kardashian earned a lot of money for the whole year

Least of all - $20 million, Kim has earned a reality show. Most of the entire star brought its own brand of cosmetics.

Journalists estimated the state of Kim Kardashian by the end of 2018. Information appeared on the page of the publication Hypebae.

During the outgoing year, Kim Kardashian earned $20 million on filming a family reality. This amount has become the smallest item of income star.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile app brought Kim $45 million. But the star earned a record amount on its own line of cosmetics KKW Beauty - $100 million.

Also, for each advertising post on an Instagram page, Kim earns a million dollars. In addition, Kardashian sold the house in Los Angeles for nine million dollars and starred in promo and advertising.

So, as of the end of 2018, Kim Kardashian earned about $350 million. On the eve of the New Year's photo of the Kardashian sisters became a web hit. It appeared almost the entire family. It was also reported that Kim Kardashian hired detectives to monitor her husband.