Fans admire the 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez, who celebrated her birthday in a swimsuit

While some stars say that hormonal jumps, tours, and stresses do not have the best effect on their appearance, others under the same conditions show youth and beauty.

The latter, of course, refers to Jennifer Lopez, who decided that she at the age of 49 has what to show and her birthday celebrated in a bikini. Together with his beloved Alex Rodriguez and relatives, she rolled up a beach party, before having dinner with the same company in an expensive restaurant.

On her social networking page, Jay Law published several pictures from the holiday. On the shots, the singer poses in a mini bikini and shows an ideal press. She also holds a festive bottle of champagne in her hands and looks very happy. Next to her is a lover in white shorts, as well as native birthday girls who surrounded her in the frame.

By the way, Rodriguez also congratulated Lopez on the social network. He shared rare photographs with the singer and wrote her a touching message. "Jennifer found the joy with others. I hope that we can give happiness to such a great person. I love you, "the sportsman wrote.