Ed Sheeran will appear in the 'Simpsons'

In the cult animated series "The Simpsons" for 30 years, "played" a lot of celebrities.

On January 7, British musician Ed Sheeran will appear on the show. The episode called Haw-Haw Land.

From the title it is already clear that this is a parody of the popular film La La Land. The singer will voice Brendan, beloved Lisa Simpson. For the girl in a musical duel her friend Nelson will fight. The creators of the show reported that Shiran voiced his hero on the phone.

Recall that the very first series of "The Simpsons" was released on April 19, 1987. And the first season started on December 17, 1989. This is the longest animated series in the history of American television. The show was extended for another season.