Chris Pratt is credited with an affair with Olivia Mann

While Marvel fans dream of the reunion of the Avengers and the X-Men on the screen after the Disney-Fox deal, Marvel star Chris Pratt with one representative of X Men has already reunited.

The tabloids claim that after the break with Anna Faris (who, however, had long ago acquired a new boyfriend), Chris, 38, twisted the romance with the star "X-Men: Apocalypse" by Olivia Mann. As is often the case, the reason for the rumors about the novel was the meeting of two stars - eyewitnesses noticed them during dinner at a restaurant in West Hollywood. Photos of this "fateful meeting" in the network yet, but the tabloids were quite enough and descriptions of eyewitnesses who enthusiastically told that Chris de "arm" his companion and generally behaved with her very romantic - clearly there is something more between them than acquaintance or friendship.

After the break with Anna, Faris Chris turned into one of the most "hot" bachelors of Hollywood, who already managed to ascribe the novel and with fellow shooting Jennifer Lawrence, who at one time was generally accused of the marriage of Chris and Anna broke up, and a number of other actresses. However, Pratt himself with the new girls in public does not appear, and rumors remain only rumors.