Nikki Reed told curious details from the life of the famous lover

Two months earlier, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder celebrated the anniversary of the wedding, congratulating each other not only in personal terms, but also with the publication of romantic monologues in social networks.

Yesterday, on December 8, the sweet couple celebrated another significant event: the star of the mysterious multi-part film "The Vampire Diaries" turned thirty-nine years old. Meanwhile, this Hollywood actress also did not ignore this triumph, dedicating her entire post to her name-day on her page in the Instagram, providing the lines with some interesting details about the nature and habits of the second half.

According to Nikki Reed, she decided to dedicate this message to the most beloved and dear person on the planet, who, oddly enough, adores eating broccoli hated by almost every average inhabitant of the Earth, as well as making masks for a face prepared by himself. The girl added that another year of their life together was going on, incredible and unexpected, whose name and events a sweet couple is unlikely to ever forget.

Magic in everyday small things. Celebrities like to listen to the elect's voice in the mornings - it is from this time of day that their song rites begin. In particular, Nikki Reed bribes the generosity and responsibility of Ian Somerhalder, which manifests itself in everyday, everyday trivia: when the star lovers buy five packs of French fries, the young lady knows that four of them will get to her. She also likes to talk to her husband without interruption, especially during long trips and travel: according to Nikki Reed, with Ian Somerhalder, she always has something to discuss, and their communication can last for days, not that for hours.