Natalie Portman's New Mom Beauty Hacks

Velvet skin, healthy hair and feminine images - Natalie Portman for many was and remains one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses.

The performer of the main role in the movie "The Black Swan" does not neglect cosmetic procedures, and in her bathroom there is a set of beauty products, without which she does not represent her life. The American version of the journal Harper's Bazaar kinodiva told what miraculous jars invariably occupy the "beauty shelf" in her house! Healthy hair is a guarantee of attractive appearance.

That's why Natalie uses shampoo and conditioner with a rose extract, developed by the Parisian colorist Christopher Rob. The actress notes that even her wavy hair from nature after washing look neat. Natalie has two favorite means for removing makeup.

The first is the micellar water of Bioderma, which was one of the first of its kind to appear on the market, as well as a means for washing Joëlle Ciocco, after which it usually applies rose oil or a moisturizer that is bought in French pharmacies. In the matter of makeup, Natalie prefers a proven brand. She adores the decorative cosmetics Dior and uses concealer, ink and lip gloss or "daring" red. And if the absence of a tone on the lips of an actress can survive, then without her favorite perfume Miss Dior, she never leaves the red carpet!