Kit Harington confessed why he doesn't make any selfie with his bride

Kit Harington it Harington thanks to seven (or more precisely, already closer to eight) years of work on the set of "Games of Thrones" knows perfectly well what the general attention is - but still can not get used to it.

In an interview with The Guardian, our beloved John Snow confessed that increased attention makes him nervous and frustrated - and at the same time told why he does not like to be photographed with fans and his bride, Rose Leslie.

Although he himself does not think so, Harington at his 30 lives a completely different life than in 19. Shortly after graduating from the theater school, he decided to try himself in the new promising fantasy series "The Game of Thrones" and tried for the role of a morose young northerner named John Snow. This became his first film role. "We did not know if the show would be released and whether it would be successful," he explains. "But it was about NVO and about American television, and therefore the forecasts were optimistic."

In a conversation with reporters of The Guardian, Keith Harington said that the photos about which he is constantly asked by fans are probably the most uncomfortable part of the glory. China's fans should remember one thing: the actor categorically refuses to take a photo if they approach him at a time when he is engaged in something with his girlfriend (and future wife) Rose Leslie.