Kevin Spacey confessed to unconventional sexual orientation

The other day on the Web, there were disturbing rumors that even in his youth, Oscar-winning Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey often looked at young guys.

And one of them - the actor Anthony Rapp - even directly stated that Kevin had molested him. The star of "Beauty in American" decided to comment on this information and ... shocked fans.

His screen characters, as a rule, are full of masculinity and actively flirt with sexy beauties, but in real life Kevin Spacey often was tried to flirt with the reporters of his same sex. They slept and saw how to prove that the actor prefers men, and not women - the last time Mr. Spacey was seen with a companion at the beginning of the zero. Kevin held the defense and did not admit anything. But the other day actor Anthony Rapp said that 30 years ago (when he was only 14!) Spacey had molested him. "I do not remember our meeting with Anthony, but I admit that his accusations can be true. Although I certainly was drunk and did not understand what I was doing. All my life I liked both men and women, but not so long ago I made my final choice in favor of men, "Kevin Spacey said in his Twitter. In Hollywood, it has long been rumored that Kevin lives with his counterpart Keanu Reeves, and the couple is not that much hiding.