Justin Bieber Loves Male Crop Tops

Justin Bieber does not allow the pop culture to dictate his everyday fashion choices. The star obviously has a rather distinct own sense of style. Moreover, the singer is not afraid of showing it off.

Having shown us knee-length tank top and strictly harem pants, he is now in streetwear fare. Justin chooses a combination of skinny jeans and button downs. He also favours basketball shorts matched with a handful of diamond chains.

Besides, Bieber chooses a statement piece of an extravagant Yeti-inspired fur coat, non-prescription wireframe aviator glasses. He can even take off his shoes in the busy urban areas!

Strolling in Rio De Janeiro, Justin boasted his abs and latest under-pec eagle tattoo in a tight white crop top-cum-sports bra. The star matched it with tights bright red sweatpants wireframe glasses and a think yellow diamond necklace. Later on the crooner stripped off the top and his admirers could be clearly seen his new tattoo. It is a lion with a crown over his heart.