Gwen Stefani and her sons celebrated Thanksgiving Day in Oklahoma

On the fourth Thursday of November in the US traditionally is Thanksgiving Day. Even celebrities honor this holiday and spend this day in the kitchen, preparing dishes for a family dinner. Of course, the main dish of the table is baked turkey.

In his instagram almost all the stars have already placed the pictures from the celebration. Most of them surprised subscribers by demonstrating their culinary skills and the skills of serving a festive table. Almost all the stars gave preference to a family feast, not a noisy party. It was not an exception, and the singer Gwen Stefani she and her three young sons went out of town to meet this holiday together with their families. Judging by the photos posted by the celebrity in social networks, the holiday was a success. Three little pranksters joined the New atmosphere very organically and felt just happy in the photo.

According to the celebrity, for the whole family it was a real miracle. Not so often you can see the whole family together at the dinner table. Such moments are very close to all family members make it an unforgettable holiday.