Ariel Winter does not pay attention to criticism

Style Ariel Winter causes a strict public condemnation. But the 19-year-old star of the TV series "American Family" is able to reflect criticism in his address.

Bold images do not scare Ariel with public reaction. Recently, she participated in a photo shoot for the fall edition of The LaPalme. The girl appeared on the cover of the edition in a scarlet dress with an open neckline. Several intriguing images are also reflected in the pages of gloss.

The young star knows how to deal with negative reviews about her style of clothes:

"The press criticizes me every day. Other girls will wear the same things, but their crap-tops will be called sweet, and they will condemn me again. Another person will receive praise, and I - only criticism. It is important to remember that the only person who should strive to please is you. If you feel fine in such clothes, then that's what matters."

The girl found a great way to ignore criticism. She just does not read the notes about herself and thinks only that her own feelings and well-being are important.