Will Daniel Radcliffe Attend Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Play?

Is Daniel Radcliffe grateful for being Harry Potter?

The thing is that the actor is not sure he will attend the upcoming premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which will be held in London. And the reason for this is very thoughtful.

Radcliffe says that it is going to be a weird one. Daniel realizes that he can be wrong in this. If he goes to watch the premiere that night, there will be a crowd of Harry Potter fans. The beloved star is not sure that the new play will become a thing if the audience sees him. This information was explained by the actor during the debut of Now You See Me 2 held in NYC.

Daniels thinks that his presence will take away fans from watching the show. He would never want to distract audience. Besides, the star is busy doing a play now. Radcliff is also busy with his latest film opening in theatres on Friday.