The Most Awkward Spa Visit of Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato speaks about her spa experience with Allure. The lady doing the laser hair removal for the star started telling about her child being a huge fan.

The celebrity can be seen on the cover of the February issue of the publication. She shares about her early experience of not being abreast with unrealistic standards of beauty in Hollywood at the time of her Disney Channel days.

The star had a gap between her front teeth when she got Camp Rock. Demi had to six this gap and now she wishes she had not done it. The gap was really cute.

Lovato’s mum has brought her daughter into the world of beauty. Demi owns successful make-up and skincare lines now.

The star recollects that her mother was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She advised her daughter using make-up even if going to 7-11. And Demi obeys her mum.

Lovato does her own manicure several times a week. It is her obsession. Let us wait and see if the star opens her nail care line.