Shaving Cream Brought Damage to Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence's Relationship

Jennifer Lawrence’s news can’t just come from the usual sources. Her previous relationship with Nicholas Hoult, the X-Men: Apocalypse actor proves that. You just can’t face such things in usual relationship.

Jennifer shared that performing Mystique and dating Hoult at the same time she was covered in blue paint almost all the time. That required shaving cream to remove. Nicholas recollects that he did not enjoy those days of the sets.

Lawrence recollects that Hoult hated that time. The thing is that Jennifer came home with a man’s smell. Besides, she always was too tired.

This is unbelievable that men’s shaving cream can spoil the beauty of Jennifer Lawrence. In case you have put an eye on Nicholas Hoult, who is single now, make sure that you smell good.