Serena Williams Worries About The Safety Of Her Nephew

Serena Williams has something to say about the increasing police violence among unarmed African Americans.

The star posted a message on Facebook. She says she worries about the safety of her nephew. He is only 18.

The 35-year-old athlete shared an incident when he was driving her to the meetings. The star saw a cop on the roadside. She checked if he was obliging by the speed limit. Serena recollected the terrible video of a female in the vehicle when a cop shot her bf. This incident happened with Philando Castile. His girlfriend captured his death (Minnesota).

During several seconds Williams thought about this. She even regretted that she was not at the helm. We remind you that her half-sister was killed 13 years ago in a drive-by shooting that happened in Compton (California).

The tennis star posted her message several days after the deaths of 2 African Americans. Terence Crutcher and Lamont Scott were shot by police in Tulsa and Charlotte.